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Thomas Nast

Thomas Nast woodcut 1872 “ Get thee behind me ( MRS.) satan. I’d rather travel the hardest path of matrimony than follow your footsteps “ In 1871 Victoria Woodhull tried to get woman the right to vote, in 1872 she ran for president of The United States, part of her platform for doing this was the right of a woman to terminate a marriage when the going got too difficult and the woman’s right to engage in intimate physical relations with whom ever she chose whenever she chose married or not ( MRS. Woodhull, according to historical account, at that time, did have multiple relationships while married and running for president) True Love is Free and has nothing to do with sex or gender. True Love is the Light by which everyone of us has experienced that one perfect whole moment where we were conscious of our personal connection with All Life and All Creation , seen and unseen, in Joy and Oneness, full in our own Heart, this is how we are All Heroes, This is The Rock of True Life and is Present and it is our attention that brings it here, in this world, on this Earth. Love one another, True Art

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