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This Balinese painting depicts the intersession of "Barong" the'Lion King', The Lord of All Good, Master of all guardian angels, in the protection of the child whom "Rangda" (the child eating queen),mother of all witches and master of all demons,has come to eat. This story, in Bali, predates the influence of Hinduism, in Balinese culture. The perception of invisible influences has been percieved by the human race since the dawn of time and the awareness of invisible forces influencing the behavior of man has been the war which we all must wage to live in Love and Peace with one another.

This painting measures 11 5/8" X 8 1/2" is Batuan school on corse fabrick, possibly bark paper, known as Ulantaga paper.

Barong Intersession against Rangda, Balinese

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