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About The Museum Archive

     The digital images presented here began as magic lantern glass slides.      These collections had been deaccessioned by several major American & European Universities. In an effort to conserve the significant marriage between photography, education, and art history, we present this archive.

     These images are from a time when a magic lantern slide show was a power point presentation. The bulk of these photographs pre date the invention of color film, hence, from a high period of black and white photography. These would have been used in the University lecture halls and classrooms. In many cases, these small glass plate images were produced before the world had the ability to mass produce photographs in books and most, before nitrate or cellulose film.

     The eminent photographers of the late 19th to the mid 20th centuries would travel to the renowned museums and locations of the world, and photograph these objects to share with the majority of the people who could not.

     This is an ongoing project, your patience and interest are sincerely appreciated.

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