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Image measuring 13" X 8" framed at 20 1/4" X 15 1/4", age toneing at mat edge, not a reproduction.


The whole Universe is your library, authors, conversations and remarks upon them,

are your best tutors. There is not a wider difference between Man and Beast than between Man and Man.

And to what is this Difference owing but to the Distinguished Improvement

of the Mind by Study, and Meditation?

Without these Helps, no Distinction of Faculties will render us Conspicuous.

Study to be Eminent. Meritocracy is below a brave Soul. Eminency in Knowledge conjunct with equal

Goodness will be to you of all other most commendable Distinction ~May 16, 1734

(The Passion Of) Study B Whilton engraving 1734

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