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Omar Hamdi, Syrian Kurdish artist , 1951-2015, who through his illustrious career adopted the the nom de guerre, George Kabriel Severios and signed his paintings "Malva". A graphic artist, teacher, author, critic and painter of world renown, winner of numerous awards in recognition of his depth of expression and talent. Mr. Hamdi exhibited in Syria, Moscow, Sofia, Budapest, Belgrade and Cairo, received his masters degree from the University of Strattsburger after having become an Austrian citizen and began to acquire a great following after immersing himself into the expression of impressionism in his painting.

This oil on canvas measures 8" x 10" and is framed at 13 1/2" x 15 1/2" and is in excellent condition.

Malva Severios (Omar Hamdi) Figures with Umbrellas at the Beach

SKU: mrdwdz
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