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Ellen Hackl Fagan, Monogrammed and dated 2008, This Painting is on masonite measuring 36” x 24” . I believe this to be of the “Ecstatic Paint” series, abstraction influenced by writers Mallarme, Rimbault and Baudelaire. Ms. Fagan is deeply committed to bringing forth to our wakeful awareness, the union between color and sound thereby, our appreciation of art expands beyond a provocative visual experience into an internal emersion...(hopefully leading us to once again hearing the Celestial Music of the Spheres, {my opinion}) Ellen Hackl Fagan, Odetta Gallery, Harlem N.Y. [Owner], Student, teacher, artist,scientist, philosopher, Renaissance woman, Published works include “Seeking the sound of cobalt blue” 2014, “Molecules of Music” 2013, “The color sound grammar book volume2” 2013 and many more. Formal education beginning in 1979 at Saint Mary’s Collage, Rome, Italy (a list between,), through 2010 Clay Art Center, N.Y. Affiliated with Association of Woman Art Dealers, Brunswick Ridgewood Galleries, National League of American Pen Women, American Synaesthesia Association, Greenwich Arts Council

Ellen Hackl Fagan Red Composition

SKU: Lbbx11a
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