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The Northern Zephyr Gallery

Inspired by

The Expression of the Work

The Joy of the Seeking

The Gratitude of the Find

The Edification of the Study

Art is a conversation. Each artist’s expression, pure reflection, of a gifted point of view. A sound made up of a multitude of notes, like wind through the leaves, raindrops on the water, heard in an inspired moment , expressed in an instant of revelation. A photograph captures a moment, an era; a painting, a moment, an era and a whole portion of the artist. That portion dedicated to that work in an expression of perspective, pallet, form and line, so that we may feel the magnetism of the initial inspiration by the strength of the work.

This is a singular, individual collection assembled over years of travel. These works were only collected based on the appreciation for the strength and feeling conveyed by the artists. These works were assembled by eye not by name. The names of the artists, in most cases, were discovered only after landing in the collection. These works were not new when acquired, nor were their frames. Though a great deal of care has been given to preserve their "found condition" these are all presented and sold as found.



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